Our technicians at Ivan Motors Automotive Service Centre are trained and certified to keep your new car running showroom smooth.  We are your best choice for top quality maintenance and service.

Regardless of what your salesperson told you at the dealership, you do not have to return to them for the scheduled maintenance and service that is necessary to keep your new car’s warranty intact.  Read the fine print…Any reputable repair facility can service your new vehicle so long as you follow the proper maintenance intervals.

In fact more new cars are maintained by independent Repair facilities than by dealerships.  WHY?

The reason is that year after year, surveys disclose that independents rank #1 when it comes to auto repair and customer satisfaction.  Here at Ivan Motors Automotive Service Centre, our customers tell us it is because the work is done right, it is finished on time and moreover the technicians “know me, know my driving habits….and know cars”

Our skilled technicians are fully qualified to do the maintenance when you purchase a new vehicle.  We are a fully qualified repair facility capable of doing the maintenance and service work required under new car warranties.




If a warranty came with your used car, rest assure that Ivan Motors Automotive Service Centre will fix it right, and arrange to bill your Warranty Company directly.  Other than your deductible, or a portion of the repair that may not be covered under your warranty, you will never see a bill.

Before we begin any work, we will arrange a pre-approval from your warranty company, discuss any concerns we may have with you, and only then will we proceed.  You are ensured professional repair, your car back on time, fixed right and no surprises.

Regardless of what the automotive dealer’s salesperson told you, the trained professionals at Ivan Motors Automotive Service Centre are able to maintain or repair your vehicle under the warranty.

Don’t sacrifice quality service when shopping for a car!

Stay with the people you know and trust and keep your Used Car Warranty too!

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